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Fun Facts about Beard Oil

Our premium beard oil is a an amazing, multifaceted product that does much more than care for your facial hair.

Below are Watson & Slade's favorite unconventional uses for our Beard oil and Beard balm. 

Hair Mask

Looking for a deep conditioning treatment that helps hydrate dry and damaged hair, while eliminating frizz? Beard oil is an all-natural option for your “DIY” hair mask.

Note: A hair mask can also be used as a beard mask when beards become dried out and break. 

After washing and towel drying your hair, apply desired amount of beard oil into your palms, rub together and gently work the oil through your hair root to tip. For better results wrap your hair in a towel for as long you wish. Even better, leave it overnight to let the oil sit and saturate the hair for more absorption. 

Note: You will need to rinse the product out after use. 

Cuticle Oil

When your nails are brittle and breaking and cuticles are splitting, you tend to pick. Beard oil and beard balm can also provide your fragile nails and cuticles with a moisturizing care they need. 

Wash your hands then apply a few drops of beard oil or balm and massage into your nails and skin. Not only is beard oil and balm great for cuticles, it also nourishes your dry chapped hands; especially this time of year. The results are almost instant!

Body Oil

Not just for men! Most women claim our beard oil is essential in daily moisturizing routines. 

Winter is harsh on delicate skin! Using Watson & Slade beard oil and beard balm all over your body will keep your skin hydrated and smooth all winter long. 

After Shave Oil

Beard or no beard, most clean styles require shaving on the neck and cheeks. After you shaved your whole face or just in the spots around your beard, apply a few drops of beard oil on your freshly shaven skin to finish the task! Smell great, soften your skin and minimize razor burn.