Cancellation / No-Show Policy & Service Agreement

Appointment cancellations and rescheduling within 2 hours of your scheduled appointment time. You can edit online or call the shop to make those arrangements.

Clients who don’t show up for there scheduled appointment will be charged a No-show fee at 100% of the service cost.

Running late, Please let us know, the barber your appointment is scheduled with can then let you know if can still accommodate you. We provide a grace period of 10 minutes, if you arrive after the grace period and with out a phone call. You forfeit the appointment time and become a walk-in (based on availability of the barber) 

Clients who have full or partially unpaid balances agree to the charges to keep everything running smoothly. 

payments can me made in person on their next visit or e-transfer 

As shop we value our customers time, so please value ours.